ANGELS & AIRWAVES FULL CONCERT (HD) 2012 PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS. Hello and welcome to the Angels & Airwaves Full Concert (HD) 2012, a completely fan-made project created by the AVA Movement and edited by Samir Batista. The AVA Full Concert (HD) 2012 consists of more than 300 videos worth over 150GB, filmed by fans (who are fully credited in this description and at the end of the full movie, and who were asked, out of common courtesy, for permission) during the band’s 2012 European Tour, all put together along to every single song of their usual setlist, with different angles, to form a COMPLETE concert and simulate the experience of an Angels & Airwaves gig. http The “movie”, released 11.11.12 to celebrate LOVE Part 2’s first birthday, is the product of the biggest LOVE possible for the band, and made in the attempt to entertain AVA’s fanbase and help them relive the moments of the best nights of their lives or give them a taste of how awesome an Angels & Airwaves concert can be. Therefore, NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED, and all the rights are reserved to the band and its label. Thanks to Angels & Airwaves for making this awesome music. For this project, the AVA Movement aimed to connect different fansites in the whole world, and successfully established a collaboration with four other different websites, who agreed to sponsor the HD Concert. Thanks to the following fansites: Angels & Airwaves Italia