Get the limited DVD + 3CD Box on Get the 2DVD Box on Get the ‘Imagine’ CD on Download this item on iTunes: Download the CD on iTunes: Download ‘Imagine – The Remixes’ on iTunes: Listen to ‘Imagine’ on Spotify: Listen to ‘Imagine – Live at Armin Only 2008 on Spotify: Watch ‘Armin Only – Mirage’ (Full DVD) here: Saturday, the 19th of April 2008.. One big room, over 16000 party people and the number 1 DJ of the world: Armin van Buuren. This is Armin Only: Imagine, the DVD! Two years of hard work all came together on one magical night, in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht (Holland). Armin van Buuren invited all the artists that have contributed to his 3rd artist album Imagine. They showcased their tracks for a sold out venue. The combination of the music, the light effects, the big screen with visuals and the many special features pointed out the theme of the night: Imagine. Armin: ‘Armin Only: Imagine has been the absolute highlight of my career. To share the tracks of my album with an audience like this was amazing. Imagine for me stands for the way I visualize music when I listen to it, and a lot of people have that same connection with music, especially trance which is so emotionally driven. Music is very personal for everybody, and what I’ve realized from my travels is that music transcends
Video Rating: 4 / 5