BONZE ANNE ROSE BLAYK in hir solo performance at the 2nd Annual Sugar Mountain Jamboreee! Hir performance includes these tunes, all Copyright ©2011 Bonze Anne Rose Blayk: 1. . 0:50 – I Believe, i believe 2. . 1:53 – Where Will I Get Off Tonight (with co-lyricist Heather Gable) 3. . 7:20 – I Need a Riff 4. 11:50 – Cold Rain 5. 17:05 – Confusion 6. 21:40 – I’d Swear I Heard That Song Before 7. 24:40 – In the Eye of the Night (lyrics by Susan K. Hamann) 8. 29:28 – Ten Things For Which I Cannot Accurately Recall the Riffage! 8. 30:30 – Just Plain Wendy 9. 34:20 – End of the Universe Blues – REIMAGINING MEDIOCRITICISM – FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY ——— BAD TRIP RECORDS ——— ……… …….. Cold Rain Copyright ©2011 Bonze Anne Rose Blayk Cold rain… Is fallin’ down on my head Cold rain… Can’t feel it ‘coz my nerves are dead… Cold rain… Is fallin’ down on my heart Cold rain… To every ending comes a start… Some say, that true love, can last forever… Some say, it never happens, not ever: I’ll go for the in-between, Spirits kissing the parts obscene… I don’t know what it means, But I like the sound… Cold rain… Is fallin’ down on my home Cold rain… Cold comfort that I’m not alone Cold rain… Is fallin’ down on my town Cold rain… Cold waters flowin’ underground Cold rain… Is trickle-in down my face Cold rain… Cold feelin’ when you’re in disgrace Cold rain… Is squishin’ down in my shoes Cold rain… I’ve got the Ice-Cold Blues
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