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Title: Anthrax Gilford NH July 26th 2018 (With Slayer Bonus Tracks) Flac
Post by: erixxx on December 10, 2019, 03:10:04 PM
Gilford New Hampshire
Bank Of New Hampshire Pavilion
July 26th 2018

Taped & Artwork By EC666
Lawn Open Air
Edirol R9> Internal Mics> WAV 24/48
Adobe Soundbooth> EQ Presets> Fades> WAV> FLAC

01. The Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden Taped Intro)
02. Cowboys From Hell Tease (Pantera Cover)
03. Caught In A Mosh
04. Got The Time (Joe Jackson Cover)
05. Madhouse
06. Be All, End All
07. Evil Twin
08. Antisocial (Trust Cover)
09. Indians
10. Outro

Slayer Bonus Tracks
11. Repentless
12. Blood Red
13. Hell Awaits
14. South Of Heaven!EQAliaoK!QJZEbGKEviPDUD07Shc404SvKAnJJy_grBbSH3A-jRM

Slayer tracks from the same night
Artwork is updated with the bonus tracks