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Author Topic: Metallica - September 11, 1998 - Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion - Phoenix, AZ,  (Read 13054 times)


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Enjoy, from your friend JITF!  :P

September 11, 1998
Blockbuster Desert Sky Pavilion
Phoenix, AZ, USA




 Venue:   @Desert Sky Pavilion : Phoenix, AZ
 Date:   September 11, 1998
 Time:   129:12
 Size:   2 CDs
 Sound:   DAT
 Notes:   Source : DPA 4061s > Sony PCM-M1 DAT
Lineage : CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC

CORRECT SHOW: Yes, Phoenix is said a few times.
Really nice quality, this taper typically has really nice sounding shows. Nice balanced sound, very little crowd noise. All in all a really nice capture.

Ecstasy of Gold (tape)
Master of Puppets
Of Wolf & Man
The Thing That Should Not Be
The Memory Remains
Bleeding Me
Bass/Guitar Doodle
Nothing Else Matters
Until It Sleeps
King Nothing (Includes an excerpt of 'The Outlaw Torn')
Wherever I May Roam
Fight Fire With Fire
Low Man's Lyric (Acoustic)
The Four Horsemen (Acoustic)
Last Caress (Acoustic)
Fixxxer Jam
Sad But True
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death


*Additional Notes, Added December 13, 2016 by JITF

The tracks were encoded in an older FLAC version (1.2.1 20070917). Decoded back to WAV using Trader's Little Helper, then converted to current FLAC format (1.3.1 20141125) at Level 8 with EZ CD Audio Converter. The files went from 736.4 MB to 731.7 MB.
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