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Author Topic: Metallica - December 18, 1983 - Agora - Cleveland, OH, USA (S1) (AUD)  (Read 15158 times)


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Enjoy, from your friend JITF!  :P

December 18, 1983
Cleveland, OH, USA
(Source 1 - Cleveland '83)




12-18-83, Cleveland, Ohio
Vinyl (Sony PS-LX250H turntable) > Cool Edit Pro depopper > shorten > Trader's Little Helper > Flac (lvl 8)

01 Hit The Lights
02 Hit The Lights (Continued)
03 The Four Horsemen
04 Jump In The Fire
05 Fight Fire With Fire
06 Phantom Lord
07 Seek And Destroy
08 Creeping Death
09 Metal Militia

This is off of a picture disc that lacked date, venue, track listing, or any other information. James mentions Cleveland and that this is the last show of the tour. I got the date from internet sources.

The sound quality is a fair audience. Others might rate this as good, given the time period of the recording and given that I often find that my ratings are a bit lower than others'.

There's no good reason for Hit The Lights to be split between two tracks. I apologize for this. When I converted this, I manually split the tracks with Wav Splitter by browsing for breaks. I guess I wasn't paying much attention and didn't realize that that particular break was within a song.

One more disclaimer - I'm not an audiophile, and my equipment (phonograph, sound card, cable) would be considered middle or low-end. Depending on how much the quality of the equipment affects the quality of the conversion, if you run across another conversion, it may be worth your time to upgrade.


*Additional Notes, Added December 22, 2016 by JITF

The tracks were encoded in an older FLAC version (1.2.1 20070917). Decoded back to WAV using Trader's Little Helper, then converted to current FLAC format (1.3.1 20141125) at Level 8 with EZ CD Audio Converter. The files went from 235.8 MB to 235.6 MB.
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