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Author Topic: RULES!  (Read 20403 times)


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« on: September 16, 2012, 02:47:09 PM »
You accept the following rules when clicking the "I agree" button during registration. Even if you skipped reading this, you are still bound by these rules.

1. It is STRONGLY FORBIDDEN to share any copyrighted contents on this forum. You are NOT allowed to upload cracks or keygens, publish serial numbers, exchange commercial programs, distribute any kind of copyrighted files (like videos, music, applications etc) or request such material from other users. You are not allowed to offer or request doing the above outside this board using this site's functions for communication and arrangement of the deal. You are not allowed to post any links or names of websites, FTP servers, peer-2-peer networks or any other locations offering copyrighted or hacked/cracked material, including programs, video and audio files, ROM files for emulators and any other kind of electronic content. This applies to both the forum and to Private Messages. You are not allowed to publish or describe any modifications/patches of copyrighted software which are not approved by copyright owners. Breaking this rule results in an IMMEDIATE BAN.

2. PLEASE SEARCH THE FORUM BEFORE ASKING. Most of your questions have already been answered many times. Help us keeping the forum clean and usable for other members. Sticky `FAQ` threads located on top of all forums are good place to start looking for answers. Administrators and moderators reserve the right to remove any post or thread being a repeated question about topics already covered in other threads.

3. PLEASE USE EXISTING THREADS. Do not create new threads everytime you want to post something. Do not create multiple threads about the same. Find a thread that matches your problem and use it. Even an old thread, when used by you to post your question, will be immediately moved to the first page and will become an active thread visible for all forum members.

4. Use Private Messages for private discussion. If you want to discuss something with a specific member, use Private Messages rather than the public forum. This saves space and helps to keep the forum clean and content-related.

5. Use ADMIN forum for all questions, remarks or reports addressed to Administrator and Moderators.

6. If, for any reason, you don't like/accept the forum or its rules, just stop using it and find yourself some more suitable place. "Complaints" about the way this forum works or about how Administrators and Moderators behave and enforce these rules are not acceptable as long as this private site is provided to you on a free basis. If you follow the rules, it is highly doubtful you will have anything to complain about, anyway.

7. In order to prevent new users from asking questions covered many times in the past, newly registerd members can post and create new threads only after 24 hours. Please, spend the first day on getting familiar with the forum and with existing contents. Tens of thousands of existing posts and topics probably cover most of questions you would like to ask. Please, use Search function to quickly locate required material.

8. This forum automatically prunes 'dead accounts'. In order to keep your account active you have to log in at least once every quarter and post a message at least once every 6 months.

9. COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING. You are REQUIRED to contact the Administrator/Owner and obtain permission PRIOR TO posting ANY messages of COMMERCIAL nature, especially prior to promoting/advertising software shops and commercial websites (this doesn't apply to developers promoting OWN software).

Have a lot of fun with the forums while following these simple rules.