Full concert by Canadian heavy metal band Boize. On May 26th 1990 they played at L’Intro for nearly an hour and a half. This is it! This was the first full length concert Boize ever played. Setlist: 01 Out of Your Mind 02 I Need You 03 Uhh Beauty 04 Once a Dream, “Then Reality” 05 Into the Night 06 Gimme Your Love 07 Can’t You See 08 Everytime You Come Home 09 Blues Number 10 The Bug 11 I’ll Still Love You 12 Keep It Simple and Easy 13 Boize Boys 14 Gimme Your Love [Encore] Line up: Perry Blainey (Fyia Powers) on vocals Robert Kourie (Floyd Harem) on lead guitar Stephane Fania (Zany Shultz) on bass and keyboards Pascal Plante on rhythm guitar Scott MacDonald (Siegfried) on drums Marcel Beaudoin as “The Bug” Special thanks to: Peter Molloy who filmed this concert Franco Amante for effects and equipment Tony Kitts for equipment Paolo Gattola, the roadie Keith, the sound man at L’Intro Danny, the engineer at L’Intro Mononc for putting up the show