Coldplay @ Malieveld 2012 The Hague The Netherlands Thursday, September 6th 2012 Here are the songs I recorded from the concert at Malieveld. Reports state about 70.000 people were there to witness a great show. Lots of energy and Coldplay looked to give it their very best this show. A nice stage setup, 5 huge round screens, great lighting and some fireworks here and there. They also handed out bracelets that light up in unison. That was a nice touch. One of the highlights was Coldplay performing a verse from a classic The Hague song, OO Den Haag (starts at about 24:50) The technical side. Video and sound recorded with a Panasonic TZ7. It is filmed from the extreme right side of the stage. It’s quite a distance from the stage. Also, I wasn’t on the rail, so some shaking, slow focus and visible heads/hands, more then usual. But all in all, a nice vid to remember a very enjoyable night. Hope you enjoy it too. Ps. It was broadcast on the radio (3fm), so a solid audio recording should be out there. Setlist of recorded songs: – Intro (Back To The Future Theme) – Mylo Xyloto – Hurts Like Heaven – In My Place – The Scientist – Yellow – Warning Sign – OO Den Haag – Don’t Let It Break Your Heart – Viva La Vida – Clocks – Fix You – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall See full setlist of this night: Coldplay: Chris Martin Jon Buckland Will Champion Guy Berryman Visit Coldplay’s site Buy their albums!