David Myhr - live at PDOL 2011 (full concert)

David Myhr (ex-The Merrymakers) performing a full live set with his backing band at the local festival PDOL in his former home-town PIteå in the north of Sweden on Jul 28, 2011. Read more at this blog post: bit.ly The concert features nine songs from his solo debut album Soundshine (www.davidmyhr.com At the end of the concert Edith Backlund is a guest vocalist and the band consists of Soundshine’s co-producer (and drummer) Andreas Dahlbäck/drums, Joel Sjödin/keyboards, Erik Jonsson/bass, Kristoffer Eriksson/guitar, Robert van der Zwan (guitar). The sound was recorded by Lars Johansson and mixed by Marcus Black. A DVD of the concert with higher quality can be ordered by David Myhr by sending an e-mail to: info@strongmelody.com