*EDITED* Sons of Skyrim (English Version) sung by RAHS Choir - Cantus Certus

***EDITED VERSION*** As per request, this is an edited reupload of this video, in which I have removed the audience applause before and after the performance, and increase the volume slightly: www.youtube.com This is the main Skyrim theme song (English Version), or “Sons of Skyrim,” sung by the Roseville Area High School (RAHS) choir during their annual POP concert, this year being “Mission ImPOPsible”. One of the choir members had an idea of playing this song during this concert, so they took the English version of it, added some glow sticks, and this is the result. Sorry for the darkness, as they used glow sticks for an added effect during this song, and it was recorded with an iPhone. Enjoy! Arranged by: Student Danny Adams-Meade of the Roseville Area High School Cantus Certus Choir Conducted by Dean Jilek (roseville.mn.schoolwebpages.com Performed April 13th, 2012, in the Lloyd C. Nielson Performing Arts Center at Roseville Area High School in Roseville, MN. Danny’s Websites: twitter.com www.facebook.com For those who wish to view/use/buy the sheet music, please be patient. Danny is currently in the process of copyrighting and publishing the music, and I will link to it as soon as he posts it. For the full concert, try this link (my school does NOT do a good job of uploading these videos): www.isd623.org I have found that the video works best when using QuickTime player with Safari on a Mac computer (this is not a preference of OS, I have played the video on both
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