Green Day meltdown at IHeartRadio from the floor.

After we played we found seats in the audience and Alex had just started filming when Billie Joe had his tantrum. I’ve seen rumors to the contrary but Green Day’s time was not cut short…they had played a full set of songs as long as anybody else’s (except Usher). They had played most of their hits and appeared to be closing with Basket Case. If they had just finished the song and left nobody would have thought it was cut short. Getting a bunch of famous bands to do 30 minute sets is a bit strange, but we knew the set length before we started. Based on what he said he may have actually gotten bored with Basket Case, wanted to play something newer and more fun to him, but was given the 2 minute warning on the teleprompter in response. The tantrum was because he didn’t get to spontaneously run long…I would say “like Usher did” but Usher had to have planned that since most of the sound was coming from offstage laptops, not instruments….so Usher pulled a dick move on the concert planners and they were more touchy about set length for the bands after him…thus the teleprompters that pissed off Billie Joe. Or maybe it was just a publicity stunt, but it seemed sincere.
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