I think this is the first piece of music I ever heard that brought tears to my eyes. I was around 12 years old, listening to an American pianist by the name of Bruce Greer, who did something truly stunning with this old hymn – I Surrender All. I took it up from there, and over the years this piece has grown as I have. Performance I believe is always a fine line between precision and art, and somewhere along the way in this piece, I find that I simply must surrender all and just let the music speak. I was honoured to be able to perform this arrangement in a huge baptist church in Jackson, Mississippi, where after some time of lying dormant, the piece took on new meaning for me. I’m performing here on a 2012 Steinway & Sons model D (Full concert grand piano) – this instrument seems to have so much soul for such a young piano. I hope you can find something special and beautiful in this piece, just as I did.