Wanna learn Iron Maiden: Aces High on guitar? Today, I’m showing how to play all the guitar riffs to Iron Maiden’s classic song Aces High covered. I hope you enjoy it. To jump ahead, click on the blue, time segments below. 1. Example showing all of the sections to be learned: 0:28 2. How to most easily play/finger each section: 2:39 3. Section one (intro) explanation: 4:27 Section one lesson: 6:32 4. Section two (pre-verse): 9:47 5. Section three (verse): 15:30 6. Section four (pre-chorus): 23:10 7. Section five (chorus): 28:55 8. Section six: 32:13 November, 2012, I just posted four more Iron Maiden guitar lesson videos – The Trooper, Phantom of the Opera, Run To The Hills, and Hallowed Be Thy Name. January, 2013, I just added video guitar lessons for Iron Maiden’s: Invaders, Wasted Years, Powerslave, and Wrathchild!
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