August 11, 2012 Bristow, Virginia Jiffy Lube Live Honda Civic Tour © 2012 Warner Bros. Records Inc., A Warner Music Group Company 0:00:00 . Intro 0:00:21 . With You 0:03:46 . Faint 0:07:31 . Given Up 0:11:13 . Victimized (w/ QWERTY) 0:14:04 . Lying From You + Papercut (Mashup) 0:19:10 . Somewhere I Belong 0:23:25 . New Divide 0:28:00 . In My Remains 0:31:20 . Empty Spaces 0:31:50 . When They Come For Me 0:36:43 . Waiting For The End 0:42:00 . Breaking The Habit 0:46:28 . LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley) 0:52:17 . The Catalyst 0:58:08 . Burn It Down 1:02:03 . In The End 1:05:39 . Numb 1:08:50 . Bleed It Out w/ Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ ————————- 1:17:00 . Lost In The Echo 1:21:05 . What I’ve Done 1:24:31 . One Step Closer Show Notes: First time ‘With You’ opened a show since 15.03.2004 Inglewood. Mike rapped a verse from ‘Until It Breaks’ over the intro to ‘Waiting For The End’. Mike sang part of the lyrics to ‘Numb/Encore’ over the outro of ‘Numb’. The crowd started to sing the first verse of ‘Bleed It Out’ but Mike restarted them halfway through. The band debuted pyrotechnics again for the first time since Projekt Revolution 2004, using them on ‘BURN IT DOWN’, ‘Bleed It Out’ and ‘One Step Closer’. ‘Crawling’ was on the setlist after ‘What I’ve Done’ but was dropped due to time constraints with the curfew. SBD (LP LIVE) notes : The “Game Of Thrones” intro to ‘With You’ was removed entirely due to copyright reasons. Get the latest news on Linkin Park at