Songs and snippets include: 0:00 – “Somewhere I Belong” (missing part of verse 2 due to recording button) 4:14 – “New Divide” (this one’s awesome, you can see the big screen and Chester’s face burn, it’s epic, the last line is cut off, but you know what he says) 8:01 – “Victimize” (Extended Concert Performance) – (The screen goes wild on this one and there are lyrics that were not on the album.. high energy) 10:38 – “Lying From You” – (This Meteora banger made us scream! unfortunately this one cuts out after the first chorus and goes black, but the rest of the song is still there to hear) 13:57 “Waiting For The End” – Almost Full song. A little shaky. I do apologize, this was just for fun, I wasn’t trying to be professional with the quality and I was jammin’ and drunk! It cuts to black. 18:24 – “Breaking The Habit” – (Audio Only) 21:50 – Words from Mike Shinoda about a kid with cancer. Justin intro. (Audio Only) ***23:05 – “Leave Out All The Rest”/”Shadow of the Day” (Starts with black, then goes into video recording) By far the best of the recordings just because I love these songs and was more focused on capturing it. Fin. Thanks for watching! Go support Linkin Park and go see them live. The quality isn’t the greatest, but you get a vibe for the awesome show Linkin Park put on in Cincinnati, OH at Riverbend Music Center. There are some parts that are just audio because I didn’t know I was recording when I was at the show. Recorded Wednesday, August 22, 2012. I was in
Video Rating: 3 / 5