Though I had problems at the Madonna show she did put on a great show…This performance was a little to erie & illuminastic for me! Not sure if this is catholism or illuminati…it sure looks Masionic! Tex Marrs or Mark Dice would be an expert on the subject. Judging from my analisis its a mixture of religious catholism & masionic ritual? I’m pretty knowlegable on this subject but I wouldn’t say I’m an expert! There’s lots of conspiratory lies out there concerning the illuminati & I’ve been reading Dice’s book Illuminati Fact or Fiction? for a better analysis on the subject in whole! I KNOW she did the illuminati half time during the superbowl…can’t remember if we bought our tix before or after? She does well when it comes to “on stage” but her attitude towards the disabled is a huge turn off! I’m most likely will never see her live again! I only went cause I grew up listening to her,motley crue,ratt, micheal jackson,prince & george micheal! Plus its sort of a hobby of mine to see concerts! If you’ve never seen her, her performance is more like a play rather than a concert…I’d call it a musical. she’s good performance wise but sold her soul to the illuminati to much! This video reminds me of looking at the ritual footage of the bohemian grove shot by Alex Jones in 2000 you can see the performance up close in the link below! someone got footage of the screen in Israel its a full concert btw…. keywords: “Madonna” “MDNA tour 2012” “Madonna Illuminati
Video Rating: 5 / 5