QANTICE “Where Anything is Possible” by Williams “Let us venture into the universe of Qantice, and tag along with Alsrick, the Megantrop, the hero of our story. As he searches vast unknown star systems, to find the lost planet of Syphelia. Amazing landscapes; incredible creatures; pirates, overwhelming odds; terrible villains; a beautiful woman; and a destiny to fulfill. This is Qantice a universe where anything is possible.” In this special episode, we feature QANTICE from France. A symphonic power metal band that best describe their idiosyncratic approach to heavy metal as “Movie Metal”. We interview lead guitarist and main composer for the band Tony Beaufils. Included along Beaufils’ interview in English are four epic tracks of symphonic power metal from the band’s debut ‘The Cosmocinesy”. Qantice is: Tony Beaufils: Guitars and Main Composer Josh Otias: Violin Aurelien Joucla: Drums Vince: Vocals Fred Charpentier: Bass Qantice Web: Official: Label EVOLUTION ROCK METAL PODCAST Download Complete Pod Episodes in High Audio Website Facebook Twitter: Myspace: Blog: