SOUTHERN RAIDERS BAND FULL LIVE CONCERT! OPENING FOR THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND LIVE HERE IN THE “SOUTH” KNOXVILLE, TN The complete live concert in one video, you can also see individual songs on youtube as well. Thank you so much for checking out some of our vintage live concert music. Please listen to our new music as well, see below, but the industry is very difficult and your help is appreciated sooo much leave us some comments and please listen to the new aggressive southern rock that we perform now. Thank you SRB members: The Southern Raiders Band does want to thank each and everyone of the fans and to each of you that took your busy time to watch these archive videos from our group. We also hope you will check out our newest music from these links as well. Thank you from all of us at SRB. Please see more about Southern Raiders Band music at these links. Thanks and have a great day, SRB. Southern Raiders Band http http SRB members are (From Stage Right) **Johnny Abbott – Lead Guitar — Manager Ronnie Kelly – Lead Vocal — Guitar Gary Perkins – Bass Guitar — Backing Vocal Rus Michael – Lead Guitar — Backing Vocal (Back) **Toby Smith – Drums – Backing Vocal ** Johnny & Toby are father and son, since Toby was age two. Toby would join the SRB group at age 15, and as of today (2012) has been with the group for 20 years.” Love you Toby, and