You really want to catch their version of Bakers Street at 35 minutes. Jimbo Jitsu covers the featured artist Scott Askew and the Skew Live Crew with Torrez Music productions at Charlies Bar and Grill July 23rd 2012. “Sustainable Agriculture” “Energy Independence” Song list by time: 48 – 5:43 Post Mortem (orig) 2) 6:00-9:32 Wait No More (Bruce Cockburn) 3) 9:50-14:10 Another Bone (orig) 4) 14:15-17:30 Wish Granted (orig) 5) 18:00-24:20 Super Secret Mashup Inside (ssssshhhh) 6) 24:30-29:00 Buy Your Way Free (orig) 7) 29:10-33:50 Your Latest Trick (Dire Straits) 8) 34:00-38:25 Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) 9) 38:30-43:15 Can’t Get Enough (orig) 10)43:30-48:10 Big Log (Robert Plant) 11)48:30-53:45 In Your Yes (Peter Gabriel) 12)53:50-57:45 Jus’Git (orig) 13)57:45-62:xx King of El Paso (Boz Scaggs)