Yesterday I was in Little Devil pub (Tilburg) ’cause there played the legendary anarcho-punk band SUBHUMANS, but first played Tarantino (NL) punk-hc band from Noord-Brabant. This young guys played very energetic and powerful music. Of course Subhumans was awesome and after 32 years on the stage still playing hard and angry, their lyrics absolutely touch my heart and broken the system! How nice was this show? The band was two time recall and even the third time too, but unfortunately mo more time for the live music. That was a great evening with this two bands and with my friends! Inside this movie except 2 songs the full concert you can watch it. Thanks for the bands authorizing for recording and uploading the show. Just enjoy with that! PS: If someone needs a separately song for them, write an e-mail to me and i will uploading again!
Video Rating: 5 / 5