The final night of the 2012 youth gathering in New Orleans, Exactly 33309 young lutherans all joining together to make a difference. (At some point i put my arms around some random girl i dont know, Anyone know where that is?… oh wait 12:00) 31:00 Someone took my camera… I sound annoying on camera. Damn. Songs: Meant To Live 0:00-3:39 Stars 3:39-9:10 Gone 9:10-13.29 Busting Out The Harmonica 14:07-15:25 Your Love Is A Song (W/Light Show) 15:25-22:11 We Are One Tonight 22:11-27:12 Dare You To Move 27:12-33:06 Dark Horses (My song) 33:06-30:07 The Sound 30:07-44:55 One More Song! One More Song. Calm down guys.
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