Sorry for the lousy picture image, at the time of shooting this in 2008, my camera had been dropped recently & lost its ability to zoom properly. I didn’t find this out until trying to line up my shot the day of the show otherwise I would have bought & brought another camera. I put this up mainly for its sound quality & uninterrupted length. If you’ve ever tried to tape a Melvins show, you know that it’s hard to get a quality sound file. Hope you can enjoy it as much as we all (or most of us) did in the audience that day! I went into this show never having seen or even listened to these guys before, only knowing that Kurt Cobain was a fan, so I figured they must be worth checking out for free. I was blown away within minutes. I felt as though I had just witnessed the reinvention of the wheel in Rock ‘n Roll terms. Long Live The Melvins! Since that show I’ve shot them 2 more times, at the Troubadour in LA That footage looks better but ironically doesn’t sound as clear. Maybe one day you’ll find it on here??? Meanwhile, in case you haven’t seen them yet, there’s some really good looking & sounding clips from this Amoeba show online, tracked up individually. Again, I put up this video for its uninterrupted length aspect so I & others could enjoy the music continuously in the background, not so much for the corresponding images. But it is fun to see how so few of the crowd appears to really know what’s hitting them!!!
Video Rating: 3 / 5