Recorded at Auditorio Nacional, Ciudad del Mexico [Mexico City] on Thursday 26 August 2010. 00:00 Today 03:00 Ava Adore 09:20 A Song For a Son 15:45 Eye 22:20 That’s The Way (My Love Is) 25:50 Tonight Tonight 30:15 Stand Inside Your Love 34:30 Disarm [read review below] 37:40 Zero TV broadcast by MTV World Stage, MTV Italy, on Friday 29 October 2010. SMASHING PUMPKINS’ BILLY CORGAN BATTLES AAA AND TNA STARS IN MEXICO CITY By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-28 Smashing Pumpkins’ lead singer Billy Corgan, a longtime wrestling fan who did angles for the original ECW and has provided music for TNA in recent years, was involved in an angle where AAA heels invaded the Pumpkins’ concert in Mexico City on Thursday evening. Kris Zellner sent the following….La Legion Extranjera invaded a Smashing Pumpkins concert last night in Mexico City which was being taped for various MTV networks with Alex Koslov leading the attack on lead singer Billy Corgan on stage. Koslov, Hernandez and Decnis showed up got on the mic and Koslov told Corgan that his music is horrible. They demanded that the Pumpkins stop their concert which Corgan brushed off so they attacked him. Hernandez had him ready for a Border Toss Extreme Tiger, El Mesias, & La Parka Jr. showed up to make the save. This was quite the spectacle. Corgan has included wrestling personalities into his shows in the past, featuring former ECW personality Lou E. Dangerously (Lou D’Angeli) at a Pennsylvania concert with D’Angeli playing an Andy